Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Each has strengths and weaknesses...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

100% wrong. All mirrorless viewfinders are 100%. Some FF DSLRs (like Canon 6D) are not 100%. Few APS DSLRs are 100%. The DSLR design is an obstacle to 100% viewfinders.

Are you sure about this I dont really think the slr pentiprism and mirror have or the electronic finder have an edge in being better suited to one hundred percent. I think DSLR finders that are not 100 percent are not because of a concious choice by the makers. There is nothing sacrocant about a 100 percent view finder and as a matter of fact there is a very good argument for not being quite 100 percent. in the early days of slr slides were still very very popular and in mounting slides some of the frame is covered by the slide mount so makers deliberatly made thier finders less than 100 percent. Now days with hight numbers of pixles and and great sensors many makers feel a safty margin is better than full 100 percent. If you print your full onehundred percent frame then cut a matt you will loose fraction of your one hundred percent.  Both positions have merrit but a full 100 percent requires more and more careful care in framing because you have no room for even a slight error. As far as I know its the bright line frame in range finder cameras that are 100 percent challenged as unless they expand and contract can only be accurate at one focusing distance.

it a bit of a red herring,

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