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Kriekira wrote:

rio911 wrote:

Actually there was almost no lighting, the image was taken just after sunset.

By "lighting" I meant the lighting in the picture (not the scene), overall, whether by natural or artificial lights, and after whatever processing has been done by the camera and the photographer.

I'm not sure I see a halo?  Can you be more specific about that?

When I look at the 3rd version at 100% (in the DPR viewer), there is a lightening of the pixels that surround the end of the pier.  No?

I shared the images because of the different output from PP.  I was quite surprised what the different programs and the camera produced.

OK.  Have more of a go with any processing program (I use Aperture; Lightroom is widely used; there are others, but the only one among them I'd recommend is Capture One Pro).  There are millions of variants possible for any recorded file.  I strongly suggest ignoring the numbers and the defaults.  Go wild.  Change 100 things.  Find what _you_ like.


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Hi Kirby,

I still can't really see a halo, but I think I overdid the high pass sharpening on the third image anyway.  What I mean is you are probably seeing the sharpening effects.

That is what I'm doing, trying post processing with different programs, usually on a single RAW.  In this case the curious thing is that both programs selected very different "auto" WB (the program's AWB) while the camera selected a third. I did not manually adjust the WB during PP-ing.

Well, I agree, there are millions of variations, but in order to find what I like I have to go through the million motions, right?



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