Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

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Re: Original point of subthread still good

John King wrote:

digital also creates an environment where far too many people have the attitude "I'll just fix it in post processing.". This goes equally for composition (using the wrong lens or framing); exposure; subject matter ("I'll just add in/subtract whatever I want/don't want later.").

I agree John. When a wedding photographer friend of mine went from Oly to Nikon, one of the first things he said was: 'Now I know how complete morons can get good images. The camera does everything for you. You really don't have to think.' Now, he was exaggerating ... slightly ... but his point is some cameras are so reliable in focus and exposure, all the photographer has left to do is decide whether he/she wants to intervene in Dof for artistic reason or not.

When he first said this, I wondered if this really was a good thing or not. I was using the E1 at the time and it was reliable in its behaviour, however, to get the best files out of it you had to intervene. Do do this, you had to know your photography. Miss your shot and you lost it. No recovering in PP. That goes for framing as well because you only had 5mp to work with.

My friend and I debated this and his point was that though he understood my point, as a professional, it was better to be able to recover than not, because everyone makes mistakes and you can't re-run the wedding because you missed a shot or two. My point was that few people miss shots they never see anyway. He rebutted that there are some crucial shots that must be in the album. Mine was you don't want cookie cutter albums. Back and forth.

Eventually, he pointed out that at the extreme, he would be able to get shots that my wee E1 could not. He was right. I still think a good photographer with a mediocre camera is better than an awesome camera with a mediocre photographer. But given equal talent, the better camera will get some shots that would be impossible for the lesser camera. We proved this theory shooting side by side with the two different makes.

And that, I believe, is one of the main reasons Oly lost the pro market. They were simply too weak on the sensor and AF, two key photographic areas. Nothing to do with 4/3rds, everything to do with implementation. Controversially, I also think the E3 body was a huge mistake ... but you knew that didn't you   I believe one or two people here might not think that is entirely correct. Of course, those left from the previously bustling 4/3rds forum are fans of the latest Oly camera bodies so it does not come as a complete surprise.

But a few people loving a camera body does not a market make. Remember how Richard Pavek and a few others were certain the E5 was going to revive Oly's flagging fortunes? Well, here we are.

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