16MP sensor improvements?

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Tedolf's world as opposed to the real world.

tedolf wrote:

I do not see diffraction effects on the E-pl1 at f/11 or below.

I do see diffraction at f/16.

When you see the effects of diffraction softening depends on how large you display the photo and how closely you view it.

I know that mathematically there will be more diffraction effects with a closer pixel pitch.

How can you know something that isn't true?  The size of the pixel has no effect on diffraction.  Diffraction is an optical effect of the lens, not an effect of the sensor which merely records the image projected by the lens.

This is basic optical physics

It is, and you fail to understand it:


However, the relationship between diffraction softening and pixel density is largely misunderstood.  For a given sensor size and lens, more pixels always result in more detail -- that's a fact.  As we stop down and the DOF deepens, we reach a point where we begin to lose detail due to diffraction softening.  As a consequence, photos made with more pixels will begin to lose their detail advantage earlier and quicker than images made with fewer pixels, but they will always retain more detail.  Eventually, the additional detail afforded by the extra pixels becomes trivial (most certainly by f/32 on FF).  See here for an excellent example of the effect of pixel size on diffraction softening.

I would suggest you click on that link in the last sentence.

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