Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Smaller and lighter is still smaller and lighter...

Ed Rizk wrote:

I want a 6D too.  Still, I would like to keep my EFs lenses and my 60D, or replace it with a mirror less or SL1.  Even the larger of the smaller sensor cameras has a bulk advantage, especially with EFs telephotos.  Sure, the 100-400 on FF is better than the 55-250 on crop, but the 55-250 is tiny and weighs nothing by comparison.

FZ200 is een smaller than 60D + 55-250, so why stop there?

The shallow DOF is a disadvantage for most of my shots.

FF cameras have aperture controls too.

Landscapes and architecturals are worse off for it.  High ISO performance on such shots is overcome by a tripod and DR is overcome by HDR.

FF cameras are not disadvantaged for having access to thinner DOF. It is incorrect to assume stopping down will always increase ISO - it doesnt, it is only when lighting level is so low that proportional reduce of SS will result in motion blur. Where increasing DOF does not result in increasing ISO, FF will always make a better image than APS-C.

In candid photos of multiple people, shallow DOF is also a disadvantage.

FF cameras have aperture controls too.

You're trying to document the interaction of several people, but only one eye of one person will be sharp if you're lucky.

So stop down. you can do that with FF.

In fact, generally when you stop down for more DOF, you also gain get sharper image (from F1.8 to F2.8 for example), in comparison on APs-C if you had to shoot wide open for the same DOF, the image would be softer.

Maybe after using it, I'll also find everything else useless, but I don't think so.

Useless is a strong word. i would prefer "less satisfactory and flexible".

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