SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

JosephScha wrote:

yes, I do know. I used to actually join in equivalence discussion but gave up when told that despite equal light intensity at the sensor f stops were not equivalent on m43 because total light was less... so wrong.

It's a shame that you can't understand that f/2.8 on mFT puts the same amount of light on the sensor as f/5.6 on FF for a given shutter speed, which, in turn, results in the same noise for equally efficient sensors.

I used to have a pany FZ7 with a 1/2.5" sensor that had pretty poor dynamic range and egregious noise at is 200.

That's because so little light fell on the sensor compared to larger sensor systems for a given exposure.

I was looking for a similar size and weight camera with better image quality and m43 fit my needs. I did not want a ff DSLR. I didn't want a 645 camera or a hasselblad with a phase one back. If I was really going for best IQ I don't know if even that is it. I was aiming for improved IQ, ability to shoot raw, and still have a small light camera.. at a cost I could justify to myself. Arguments that a Canon 1DS has better IQ I will concede, and it does not trouble me.

Makes perfect sense.

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