Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Smaller and lighter is still smaller and lighter...

...even if it doesn't fit in your pocket.  If you travel by air, backpack, bike, or to a lesser extent camp or travel by car, every ounce and cubic inch saved counts

I want a 6D too.  Still, I would like to keep my EFs lenses and my 60D, or replace it with a mirror less or SL1.  Even the larger of the smaller sensor cameras has a bulk advantage, especially with EFs telephotos.  Sure, the 100-400 on FF is better than the 55-250 on crop, but the 55-250 is tiny and weighs nothing by comparison.

The shallow DOF is a disadvantage for most of my shots.  Landscapes and architecturals are worse off for it.  High ISO performance on such shots is overcome by a tripod and DR is overcome by HDR.

In candid photos of multiple people, shallow DOF is also a disadvantage.  You're trying to document the interaction of several people, but only one eye of one person will be sharp if you're lucky.

APSc and morrorless have their place.  I would like to try the 6D, first to use the 17mmTSE and second for its low light advantages.  Maybe after using it, I'll also find everything else useless, but I don't think so.

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