Monitor 24 vs 27 16:10 Vs 16:9 using LR and CS

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Re: Monitor 24 vs 27 16:10 Vs 16:9 using LR and CS

27" at 1080P resolution is a very poor choice, unless you have terrible eyesight and need massive fonts. Don't go this route.

So, getting that out the way, really the choice is a 27" 16:9 1440P screen, or for the same money probably two 24" 16:10 1200P monitors. The two 24" monitors will give you 25% more pixels, and quite a lot more desktop space (because each monitor is lower PPI).

If you plan to do video editing I recommend the two monitors, that's really the best reason for two monitors, and worth it even if you do other things beyond video editing.

If you plan to game, and can stretch to three 24" monitors, that's the way to go, but otherwise, you're better off with one, as two doesn't work well at all for games.

Purely for photo editing, one is definately the way to go. You can't really use two for image editing with much benefit. Sure you can put tools, or bridge on one screen, but I don't find it much use.

Office apps, either work fine, probably one 27" is better.

I have three 24" at home, and a single 27" at work.


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