Monitor 24 vs 27 16:10 Vs 16:9 using LR and CS

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Re: Monitor 24 vs 27 16:10 Vs 16:9 using LR and CS

Area-wise the difference between a 24", 16:10 display and a 27", 16:9 is not that significant. For example, I calculated the actual area ratio between Dell u2713h and u2413 is almost 1.19 that is, a 27" Dell posses only %20 larger area over the 24" one. This is because the closer a rectangular monitor is to a perfect square, the more efficient is in utilizing area. Interestingly, u3014 which is a 30", 16:10 display has roughly 1.283 times more area than u2713h.

While size and area are important, one should consider other factors as well such as the quality of the display (LCD type, color space coverage, contrast, etc.). They all contribute to the overall visual impression.

In any case, with a 27" display, one still has more vertical asset even if it is 16:9 comparing to a 24", 16:10 display. So at the end, it's not a loss to choose the larger display but the price difference may not be justified for the relatively small vertical gain.

I just acquired a Dell U2713h last week and after a week, I decided to return it. It is an amazing display: images really pop up. It has easily been the best display I have ever seen with my eyes. The downside was that it made me want to go even larger to the 30", 16:10 version which is beyond my budget at the time being. I decided To save more money and eventually get the 30" one in the near future. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer monitor, so I think it is justified to want the best possible one I can afford.

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