Is the HS50EXR the right camera for me?

Started Apr 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Lee37 Regular Member • Posts: 177
Re: Is the HS50EXR the right camera for me?

I have the HS10 and HS30.  Very happy with both.  I bought the HS50 as I thought it was an upgrade.  Bottom line, I sent it back.  It may have been a bad sample of the HS50 as others seem to like the camera.  I tested the camera by taking several images of places, things, ..that I use as test targets with it and the HS30.  I did not feel that the HS50 exhibited improvement over the HS30 in enough situations to justify keeping it.  Also it had some flaws...the manual zoom was very rough,  the SD card door opened 3 times while I was shooting (the hs10 & 30 never has done that),  I didn't like the "Q-button" or new menu layout.  Bad sample, unfair test...could be.  I bought an XS-1 and like it a lot.  Outstanding color and IQ.  Plus it just feels right!  A real upgrade to the HS30.

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