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I wonder why Oly don't go for the built-in EVF like Nex6/7 or X-E1?

The NEX 6 sells for $899 with a 2.3M dot OLED viewfinder, peaking AF display, 3" tilt LCD and 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 retractable power zoom lens.   I'm not a Sony fan (own an E-M5), but a compelling featureset for the price in a rangefinder style body.

Given the lack of an EVF, the only new things the E-P5 may bring to the party would be 5-axis IBIS and perhaps weathersealing (my guess, unlikely).  Based on the E-P3's intro price of $899 with a pedestrian kit zoom, Olympus will likely price it with same at a similar price.

Seems pretty much a boutique camera to me, but maybe they have something up their sleeve, who knows.
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The E-P2 was sold for $1100 with the 14-42 and the VF2.

The E-P5 should be introduced at the same price point, including the 17/1.8 and the VF3. If it's priced any higher, then no 5 axis or weather sealing would rescue it.

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My nickel, since the penny is being discontinued...

I think it could sell in XE-1 numbers if it has weathersealing and 5-axis IBIS for a body-only price of $899, $999 adding in a kit lens and $1199 adding in an improved EVF.  Then it becomes comparable to an E-M5 in features with additional flexibility given the removable EVF.

Based on its styling, which is quite nice, I think they have their eyes set on the XE-1 that sells for $999 body-only with a built-in EVF, but has no IBIS, weathersealing or tilt LCD.  It can play in that league quite nicely.  Kind of a bargain boutique camera (as compared to a Leica).

Having an E-M5, I'd have no interest (I'd first pick up an E-PL5 as a spare body), but could see others really liking it.

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