Windows 8 freezing up

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Re: Windows 8 freezing up

Ditto...the answer you seek is buried in Windows Event Viewer.  I go so far as to clear the application and system logs in event viewer, restart and keep checking it before and after the freeze.  You'll learn as a lot a you investigate the items flagged as Errors and Warnings - focus on the red Error messages first but the Warning can be clues as well.  The messages can be cryptic, but simply cut and paste them into Google and you'll learn a lot  - and many times find the offending program or driver causing all the pain.

Also, try disabling all of the autostart items at Statup.  Get to a command line (run) and type MSCONFIG, go to the startup tab, and uncheck all of the automatic startup items and see if your system stops crashing.  If it does, then re-enable them one at a time until you find the offending bugger.

Another thing you can do is open task manager see what's running.  Win 8 has a lot more info in Task Manager than Win 7 did. You'll want to be careful never to kill an essential OS process, but you might see some things in combo with the Event Viewer that might clue you into turning off an errant, non-essential service (Services under Control Panel>Computer Management) which  could be the culprit. If you don't know what a particular service is or does, leave it be or Google it - don't start killing running services or processes without knowing exactly what its for.

I just had one of these kinds of problems.  Turned out the culprtit was a function in a Roxio CD Creator application that although Win 8 let me install it and didn't flag it as incompatible, was incompatible.  I only discovered that by spotting an error in the Event Log, looked up the errant file it listed and found a few discussion threads that let me associate that file name to that application and when I removed the program the system no longer had the problem.

Of course, before you start doing all of this make a full backup of your system drive and create  a restore point. With Win8, they hid backup under Control Panel > File Recovery >Win 7, but it is still there and having one will save your butt later if need be.  Win 8 automatic startup recovery, well, to be kind - sucks and rarely succeeds without a backup image.

It is a matter of careful diagnosis and a process of (safe) elimination - and patience.


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