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Yes, the D7100 compared to the D8000 is indeed amazing. In practical terms....regards sharpness alone...not so much D5200 to D7100. Resolution is a different story as well, but in terms of practical photography...most can't tell

Mmmm, I think they can.  The Nikon samples page alone would be a pretty big step up in every department from the D5200.  It's not just sharpness, either.  We don't have very many D5200 owners in this forum for some reason, not like we have 5100 owners.  If any of you D5200 owners want to wow us with "no practical difference" compared to the D7100, step right up, by all means.  Ask for Mr. Blue :^)

I sort of feel the same way. It's not the outright resolution that you notice, but the quality of the resolution that you can eek out. Hence the review comment about being a good JPEG camera. That's a result of having more sampling. Even if you can't make out more tightly spaced detail, you notice that the detail that is made out with the D7100 is finer. However, yes... It's not enough to care about if you are happy with your camera and aren't looking to print bigger... Assuming you don't want the AF upgrade. Since most buyers of dSLR's are prone to the "buy more than I need" phenomenon (me included), I think DPR's summation is correct for a good majority of eventual buyers.

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