Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

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My experience bears that out

Got my first Oly digital camera back in 1998, a D600.

Since then, I have bought... E10, E20, E1, E330, E3, EP1, EM5. Ouch - it doesn't seem like I've had that many, until you stop and total it up... Glass - 7-14, 8FE, 14-42, 14-54, 12-50, 14-150, 45 1.8, 50-200, 35-100, 70-300, 50M.

The number of failures I've had with all that gear in all that time? One - my faithful old D600 finally died, ten years after I got it, and it was used a lot.

Otherwise, the only problems I've had with my Oly gear have been operator induced error, and no equipment damage resulted from that, just bad photos.

A few years ago, I fell over in a creek, and briefly put my E1 and 14-54 about a foot under water. It came up shooting, none the worse for the experience. The D600 went all over Europe one spring. E1, E330, E3 and now EM5 have taken numerous trips into the deep forests of Appalachia, as I search for the brilliantly colored little fish known as darters in the mountain streams.

Bought one of the first EM5's to come off the line about this time last year, have used it constantly for one year, and it has been flawless.

And that's not even getting into the optical qualities of HG and SHG glass...

Oly builds them right.

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