Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

oklaphotog wrote:

Quote: "Mr. Tomoyoshi Shibata also confirmed that Pentax is working on a full frame DSLR camera that will be different than anything else available today."

I wonder how it will be different? I think this is really exciting. I shoot Canon, but have a k1000 on the collection shelf and have a fair bit of time behind the VF of a 67 and 645N AF. Pentax makes great gear. Hopefully this is a beam of hope for you guys. I wonder what the time frame is for this camera, and what are they going to do about a lens line up. There is plenty of great used lenses out there for FF K mount, but many people will want to buy new glass. I would assume they may bring back some of the older fast zoom and prime designs with SDM and coating updates, or have a ton of lenses in development waiting for the release of this camera.

This guy is almost full of.... He told the interviewer that K-01 is selling so well that their supply  cannot keep up with the demand.

yeah right.

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