Making Fox News Talking Heads Look Like the Idiots They Are

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Re: Fox News.

Chato wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

Chato wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

Chato wrote:

These lunatics are creating an atmosphere of fear and hate, in which we fight terrorists by becoming their mirror image.

Absolutely ridiculous statement.  Except for your apparent fear and hatred for Fox.

Naturally, we have to eliminate all our Liberties in the name of preserving freedom.

Where do you see anyone at Fox advocate this?

If you notice, Fox 100 percent supports Obama when it comes to killing Americans without due process, yet at the same time say he's consciously trying to destroy America.

The two positions are inherently contradictory, and reveal their true agenda.

Both positions have nothing in common with each other.  What real agenda are you talking about.  You liberals always seem to like calling people names and speak in broad terms with no facts.

Has Mr. Obama claimed the right to kill American Citizens without due process?

Has he not claimed the right to imprison American Citizens, without charge or due process?

And has not Fox backed him 100 percent in these claims?

No, it depends on who or what show on Fox is you are talking about by making these claims.  A lot of people can't tell the difference between a news program and a commentary program.  As far as news goes Fox news reporting is fair and honest and covers more current events than CNN and MSNBC.

When it comes to commentary programs, the content is determined by the shows producer or commentator.  Shawn Hannity is obviously a conservative and makes no buts about it.  Bill O'Reilly is an independent with a more moderate slant.  Huckabee is a conservative commentator.  And on and on...

Am I making this up?

Yet does not Fox claim that Obama is working to destroy America?

On some commentary shows, yes.

Let me point out, that no liberty means anything, if you can be locked up without charge. What is the point of Freedom of Speech, if you're in a prison cell for exercising it? What is the point of the Fourth Amendment, if you can be watched without a warrant?

Let me point out something to you. There has never EVER been a State which stated that they were not a free country. Never!

Not Germany, not Russia, not Iran or Syria. Not even North Korea. They ALL  call themselves "Free countries."

Now, by no means am I saying we have reached the point of these countries. But you don't seem to have a problem with these steps. Steps which are unprecedented in our history.

Never until Mr. Bush did a President claim the right to unilateraly abrogate Habaus Corpus, and Mr. Obama has built on that foundation to go even further.

I agree with you on these items.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Fox News is fair and balanced, Fox programming may not be.  Don't blame the reporters for the news they report on.

Well, Hannity, O'Reilly, and "The Five" all back Obama on this question.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Well Dave your wish has been granted.  Eric Holder sent a federal judge and prosecutor to the hospital.  They over road the FBI and the judge read the guys Miranda rights and gave him a lawyer.  So everyone happy now?

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There is no more public safety issue left. They have more than enough for the death penalty and there is almost certainly no more info forthcoming.

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