OMD severe flash exposure problem

Started Apr 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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iso100 to iso200 = 1.4 factor, recalculating

I google the answer, according to this website

  • increasing film speed from 100 to 200 increases GN by a factor of 1.4 
  • this means to covert OMD's iso200 into iso100, we divide by 1.4
  • OMD Guide number of 10m @ ISO 200 (divide by 1.4 for iso100) = 7.14m

So in reality, the comparable figure converted to standard iso100 are:

  • OMD Guide number of 7.14m @iISO 100 (converted)
  • 50D Guide number of 13m @ ISO 100 vs

Canon 50d buildin flash is almost twice as powerful.

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