OMD severe flash exposure problem

Started Apr 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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How do you Convert OMD iso200 Guide Number to iso100???

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Could be part of the problem.

50D Guide number of 13m @ ISO 100
OMD Guide number of 10m @ ISO 200

Making it worst is that OMD's guide number is quoted at iso200, not iso100.  Does anyone know how to convert OMD's iso200 GN into iso100?

I could be wrong, but I believe its divided by half (iso100 is half as sensitive).  If so, then we are really comparing a huge difference in buildin flash power:

- 50d GN 13m @iso100 vs

- OMD GN 5m @iso100

I could be wrong, but 50d flash power is probably more than twice as powerful.  Which would explain your result.  OMD isn't under-exposing; its just that its flash unit isn't particularly powerful.  You really need to buy a more powerful external flash.

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