OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: Proof in pudding, er, images......

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Guy are you using a calibrated screen and are you using custom camera profiles with your processing software, these things can make a difference.

Yes, I do use a calibrated IPS monitor but that or profiles make no difference to the fact that the in-camera histogram of the resulting jpeg shows the story of TTL under-exposure.

Sure I could use TTL at 0 flash compensation but then would find myself upping the exposure in post for all shots and thus raising possible noise issues and image degradation, better to get the correct TTL exposure in camera by using the flash compensation of from say plus 1.0 to plus 1.7 to suit personal taste, I settled on plus 1.3 as my "permanent" setting.

The "correct" ETTR histogram exposure with TTL mostly seems to need plus 1.7 with my Pens and flashes but the result looks too darn "flashed", may be perfect exposure but mostly has an uncomfortable "too bright" look to it, needs under-exposing a bit in post.

Regards..... Guy

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