NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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digital ed
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Re: The choice is your's to make on your own

Prairie Pal wrote:

No. I do not want it to show up on my forum list.

I would back you up on that.  Everybody wins.  The people who were led to DPR by googling for "D600 spots" will get the information they need.  The people who have no interest in the subject aren't forced to scroll past those threads.  And the people who still decide to participate in order to compalin about the subject and scuttle the discussion will have to bare the suspicion of being a manufacturers PR plant.

You understand my point. I do not want to limit the ability of anyone else to view any thread they like. However, I would welcome a forum filter that would only affect my view and I could filter to show or not show threads or posts with specific wordings. Just like the forum can use cookies to show which threads or posts I have already viewed by changing the color, put the filtering on the processor in my computer to filter the threads or posts I define. No reason to add additional loading to the DPR server.

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