Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Every one of us has 'the best camera'.

TrapperJohn wrote:

I currently use an OMD, which suits me perfectly.

AF is very fast, and is wicked accurate. No lens calibration problems - the main sensor is also the AF sensor. C-AF doesn't work so well in some circumstances, but I don't tend to use C-AF much, so I don't care.

Better quality bokeh on the large sensor? Probably true. I have the 4/3 version of the PL25 1.4, and it produces lovely bokeh, with elements of 'the Leica Look'. I'm satisfied, enough so that I'm not going to spend several thousand dollars and lug several kilos of gear to make it better.

Low light - the OMD does well in the low light situations I come across. Maybe FF is better, but the light would have to be super low for it to be a factor. The large sensor does 'better', but the smaller sensor has become so good that much of the advantage is purely academic. Much like arguing that a Ferrari is faster than a Lambo, when there is a police car behind both.

What about low profile? That big rig is like shouting with a megaphone: Hey everyone! I'm taking photographs! Look at me! The OMD - you just about have to whack someone over the head with it to get them to notice it. I like that.

And you don't have to carry a bag - the 45 1.8 is about the size of a 35mm film can, you really can just drop it into a pocket. Same goes for the 14-150 or 75-300... narrow enough to go in a shirt pocket, and around 5 inches long.

And then there's telephoto... aside from the AOV differences, that shallow DOF you love for portraits becomes the enemy - it's too shallow, and you have to stop down past some of that tele aperture you paid an arm and a leg to get.

So if one wants to shoot short to mid range focal length with an emphasis on shallow DOF portraits, sure, the big sensor is the best. If one wants to walk a long distance and shoot nature with long telephoto, the smaller system will probably work better. If one wants to engage in a dpr spec debate, the FF sensor will tromp the little guy. If one wants to do something and also be able to grab some shots without the camera gear dominating their activity, the little setup just works better.

Isn't it wonderful that we have this level of choice?

The OMD EM-5 was the best compact I used. In the end the DR and controls of the full frame took it though. The a99 is really a small camera considering it's full frame. It and a small prime really is quite compact. In fact one of my biggest issues with the OMD was it was to small.

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