NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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Re: Just Dying To Give Up More Freedom

Clivegriff wrote:

Lucky Sky wrote:


What is really pitiful is your inability to understand the OP.

Nowhere - NOWHERE - in his post does he advocate compulsion or censorship; he simply posits that it might be a good idea if the D600 oil/dust threads were recognised to have exhausted any usefulness that they might once have had.

By the OP advocating that he has had enough of the subject, he is advocating that the rest of us exercise some sort of self control through self censorship. It all comes out the same.

Had it not been for the people who have complained ceaselessly about this problem, I never would have come to a successful resolution to my D600 oil problem. (Off topic-the camera is now a beloved gem).

If people here are still having oil issues 6 months from now, I hope it is billboarded as loudly as it is today. After all, this is a gear forum, is it not??

The answer as put forth by another member is to exercise vigorously the scroll wheel mounted on the mouse. That is the ultimate form of self control that the OP should practice.

I know that his prescription works..........I've been regularly bypassing these latest D600 oil threads for a month without any increases in blood pressure or anger.

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