Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re:The easiest way to find out would probably be to get a K-EOS adapter and stick them on a 5D

Timothy Stark wrote:

Oh if it were that easy! I've not found any K mount lens that will actually mount on my 5D. The mirror box is too short. They won't mount unless you shave the mirror, or remove the aperture lever and possibly the fin on the back of the lens. I use several thread Pentax lenses on adapters, they fit fine.

Hence I have a PK-Canon adapter I can't use unless I disassemble the lenses, then they won't work properly on my K-5.

K lenses I have attempted to fit on my 5D: K50 1.4, K28 3.5, K35 3.5, M50 1.7, M100 4.0, F*300 4.5

I think it's safe to say 5D's and K mounts don't play well. Apparently it works on 1D series better, and just fine on Canon crop bodies.


It's possible on 5D2. You put the camera in liveview first then attach the lens.

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