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Re: Proof in pudding, er, images......

Guy Parsons wrote:

John King wrote:

G'day again Guy

Your "junk room" is far tidier than either my study or my office ...

The thumbnails that you have posted are useful in their own right, but it would also help greatly if you could post reasonably sized copies of the individual images at about 1024x768 or a bit bigger. It's hard to really look at the thumbnails in Bridge, PS or FSV ...

This problem really does seem to require some answers, and if many can look at the images, some consensus as to causative effects may come of it.

Riley's post here is also relevant, as he uses flash in his business a good deal:

and he uses a variety of FT, µFT and FF cameras.

I took just now a bunch of shots in my room with fixed shutter/aperture starting at ambient only, then TTL flash at 0, then plus 1.3 and then all the plus steps up to plus 3.0.

But hang on, I did include some off white walls and things that helps Oly TTL underexpose so instead took three more shots of a chair with nothing much that should upset the TTL. Didn't make much difference, still needed the plus 1.3 to get a decent result.

Here's the thumbnails first.....

Ambient, then plus 0 flash comp, then plus 1.3 flash comp. The plus 1.3 looking quite the right colours and brightness on my monitor.

Now knock yourself out with exif and histograms etc from the three but reduced for sanity to 1024 wide. All at ISO 400, 1/50 sec at f/5.6 and ESP metering.

First the ambient light shot to show very little contribution to the image.....

Next the TTL flash comp set at 0, E-PL5 plus FL-50 direct flash......

(Which is exactly the sort of thing I get all the time with direct or bounce TTL with three Pen bodies and variously 4 different Oly flashes, whether auto flash or fill flash, always manual camera mode to choose proper shutter speeds to help eliminate possible subject blur from ambient light).

Now the final TTL shot with my usual "permanent" plus 1.3 flash comp that I use on the three Pen bodies.....

Now that is starting to look like what the chair looks like to my eyes.

I don't know why I'm bothering to do all this mucking about, I know what works for me or doesn't work and I adjust the camera(s) to suit. All I'm doing in this thread is reinforcing what the OP said and others on the way through have said, wisely the OP wandered away long ago.

Must admit that up until recently I mostly was using Nikon flashes in their auto mode so never saw all this TTL drama before, it wasn't until I started seriously to use Oly TTL with Oly flashes on the Pens that I started to see flash under-exposure all over the place in many different circumstances.

Regards...... Guy

Guy are you using a calibrated screen and are you using custom camera profiles with your processing software, these things can make a difference.

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