Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

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Guy Parsons
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retsie wrote:

Hi.  I posted this question under open forum; should have done it here.

Both are on sale now, $399.  I have read "gazillion" comments/reviews on both - they are great cameras.  I have Olympus PL1, which I love, but it doesn't have AF assist.  I don't shoot RAW

I need guidance from experts. 

Hah! This "expert" says wait some more until E-PL5 prices start to fall or stabilise as that is the real jump up from the E-PL1 and is the easiest to use of the Pens or E-M5 at present.

Can use IBIS or OIS of unswitched lenses so you always have stabilisation if needed whereas the Pany bodies leave you in the lurch for stabilisation if you want to use Oly lenses or most of the Pany primes.

The feature I like best (here I go again!) is the ability to map MySets to the Mode dial, makes for easy operation, sort of like the Panasonic C1/C2 deal but better in actual use.

A smaller focus box can be "permanently" set so it's there at turn on.

I rarely do video so assigned the Red button to 2x digital tele converter and that delivers a good image that looks OK on a screen or prints OK up to 8x10 inches. Makes my max 150mm into 300mm framing.

It's the new sensor in the E-PL5 that makes life better as it delivers better results at higher ISO than the E-PL1 (or E-P3) manages and with lower noise in shadows. Plus of course the latest AF combined with the new sensor makes AF in low light way more reliable with the kit lenses. I never seem to need the AF assist light, I turned it off and never have used it in fact. When the AF fails it's too darn dark to see anything with your eyes anyway, so I go to bed.

Maybe 100 or so more $ than E-P3 price seen now but worth every cent.

I do have E-PL1 and E-P3 and E-PL5 and guess which is the only one I use now?

Some notes on E-PL5 here .

Regards...... Guy

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