16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: The bottom line is that you didn't read my post......

tedolf wrote:

Anders W wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Do any of you actually look at your photo's to see what diffraction looks like?

I know I do.  Regardless, you said:


Keep in mind that you will have more diffraction effects with more pixels on the same size sensor.

The 12mp sensor can be stoped down to f/11-16 without a lot of noticable diffraction.

With the 16mp sensor you are going to start seeing diffraction at f/8.

So the extra resolution is not without cost.

That is wrong.

It makes the whole photo look like it was shot though a screen.  The worst effect is on the background out of focus objects where it creates a distracting "haze" that doesn't look right.

That sort of thing doesn't show up in test charts.

Yes, you migh not be able to read letters any worse but diffraction does make the photo worse.

Please, use some common sense and look at your photo's  in addition to reading websites and measurebating.

The fact of the matter is that 16 MP will always resolve more detail than 12 MP, all else equal.  How much more, however, depends on a great number of factors.

See the part above where I say, "Yes, you migh not be able to read letters any worse but diffraction does make the photo worse", and the part where I talk about the effect on out of focus parts of the photo and how those sorts of things do not and can not show up in a photo of a two dimensional test chart?

Really amazing that you can read an entire post and not extract the substance of it.

Amazing really.

What is really amazing is that you still don't get it after being corrected over and over. So please repeat after me:

A 16 MP sensor resolves more than a 12 MP sensor no matter which aperture you use.

At what aperture?

As I said: Any.

The advantage of the 16 MP sensor will be less pronounced if you use very small apertures than if you use somewhat larger ones, but it will still be there.

Is that true for OOF background items?

No. Since, as you can see, I am talking about resolution here, it is true for things that are not OOF.

What about the "bokeh"?

See the line you quoted just below.

Diffraction has virtually no noticeable impact on areas that are really out of focus.


No. Actually you don't need a B.S. to know this.

It has a clearly noticeable effect on fine detail that is in focus or clearly within the DoF.

Except that most people don't care about that because most printers can't print at that resolution anyway

If you think so, why are you at all concerned about diffraction?

but the "haze" effect on OOF areas is very nocticable.

There is no haze effect in OOF areas, except possibly with your Russian and other legacy lenses which might conceivably have a lot of sh*t on that part of the small glass area you use when you stop down a lot.

As you might be aware, however, OOF areas will become less OOF as you stop down, and in that respect, less "hazy".

These things are true regardless of whether you shoot a test chart or something else.

Test charts do not have OOF backgrounds, do they?

No subject has an OOF background but any subject can be put OOF. However, this is irrelevant here, so why do you ask?

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