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Re: Original point of subthread still good

rovingtim wrote:

but otherwise CaNikon is a no-brainer.

Decision or user?

Top tier cameras of any brand can be used by 'no-brainers'.

And sometimes are ...

But not really, according to Bryan Peterson in "Understanding Exposure", Introduction.
His comments there are exactly in line with my own experience over many decades.

Person1: "How did you take this photo and get this result?"
Person2: "I don't know." ...

I agree with Bryan. I have always known.
Even if the results have been spectacular failures; and there have been many of them! Digital is far cheaper to make many spectacular failures - thereby creating a far more immediate and thus better learning environment, IMNSHO. Unfortunately, digital also creates an environment where far too many people have the attitude "I'll just fix it in post processing.". This goes equally for composition (using the wrong lens or framing); exposure; subject matter ("I'll just add in/subtract whatever I want/don't want later.").

This is just sloppy, regardless of the level of the camera being used. We have the wonderful choice of fantastic tools at our disposal so that some people can be just plain sloppy in their use of them.

He stresses the exposure triangle of ISO, aperture and shutter speed and how to use these exposure parameters to achieve the desired aesthetic results. Although I have little to learn from anything he has written (the book belongs to a friend, and he lent it to me to audit), it is terrific looking at his wonderful photos. He is also a very clear communicator. I like to have read a book before recommending it to others ... and I could not recommend his book too highly.

It is also interesting to note how relaxed he is about a whole lot of subjects and how both the particular aperture and shutter speed chosen don't matter a lot of the time, as long as they are "correct" for the lighting situation, but sometimes they are at the crux of the photo taken. Again, I agree.

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Regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.

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