how to travel with camera, tripod and carry on luggage

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I've never had an issue with a tripod on a plane

Bluejay wrote:

So basically can I put the tripod inside my carry-on luggage (ball head and leg stands apart)?  I wonder if it will cause panic on the security checkpoint.  As far as I can gather from the replies, I guess I can go with my Lowepro Fastpack (camera, lenses , laptop) and my carry on with tripod and little  clothes.

My last three trips, I had my luggage lost so I am never traveling with check-in bags.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you won't or that I won't in the future.  I've brought a Slik Sprint Pro (aluminum, 19" or shorter) in my luggage, I think one time a Bogen aluminum tripod on my backpack, and the rest of the times a Gitzo CF in my luggage.  TSA has never asked to take a closer look at the tripod or raised any other issue about them.

On a slightly different note, I've read a suggestion to keep the various cords and cables in a loose bunch rather than having them in a tight coil, such as tightly wound around another object.  The tight pattern is more likely to get a closer look.

When you checked in luggage, did you take off every airline tag that was on the bag before checking it in?


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