Welcome to M43, Kodak

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Re: Welcome to M43, Kodak

gmac68 wrote:

Over all if this gives more options that is a good thing.  I just hope they aren't the cheap looking cheap performing cheap quality Kodaks that were produced before.  Their consumer point and shoots were awful by and large IMHO.

There is a need to have cheaper options and therefore it is not entirely bad if this is a line of cheap M43 cameras.  They will catch the P&S upgraders and bring them into M43, where they can have a good continuous upgrade path to the OMD and GH3 etc.  This would also be good for M43, to increase the user base.  I think this is what will happen.

If OTOH, some better cameras than the usual Kodak compacts we have seen in recent years appear, that would also be good for competition within M43 and provide even more choices for us and for potential buyers coming from DSLRs etc.  I would suggest that the Chinese maker will look for niches in the beginning, e.g. a tough waterproof and small M43 camera.

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