Fencing with shadows.........C&C welcome.

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Re: Fencing with shadows.........C&C welcome.

mallbuedel wrote:


I like the scenery and the composition with strong graphical elements and rich tones: it makes my eyes follow the fence from the first post to the distant grove and makes my feed wanting to follow the peacefull path..

What I don't like is the feebleness of the sky. If I had done this photo with a black & white film, I would have srewd a yellow-green filter to the lens to darken the sky and differenciate the green-tones even more. If I had converted it from color to b&w I would have simulated the effect in pp, at least my DxO allows for applying "filters" or channel mixing.


How about this idea?  Instead of playing around with the sky, elevate the camera and shoot at more of a downward angle.  Make the shadow the main subject and the fence a supporting element.  Optionally, aim a little more to the right and use a vertical crop.  Just a thought,


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