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Re: Just Dying To Give Up More Freedom

There is a difference between redundant threads and new information. I think very few, if any, would wish to suppress new information. What many of us object to is the repetition of old information.

Again, why is this a problem? I would be hard pressed to find a forum where a relevant topic that many members are concerned about isn't discussed multiple times. It's even possible for a single topic to push all other ones off the first few pages of threads. If that were the case, there might be an argument for action because that subject prevents people from discussing other subjects, but that's certainly not what's happening here.

Furthermore, new people come to the forum all the time, and some people don't check the forum very often. You can't assume everyone on the forum has read through hundreds of previous threads and knows what you know.

Moreover, even though you personally may not be interested in the D600 dust issues, I think plenty of other people are. In addition to being a minor nuisance, the dust problem reflects Nikon's attitude and ability to resolve problems. That seems important, especially to people with a significant investment in Nikon glass, or people looking to make a decision. (don't want to buy into a system that can't address problems that come up)

For those who say, just skip over what you don't want to read, how would we distinguish between redundant threads and new information?

That problem applies to all threads, not just D600 dust threads. It is impossible (just by looking at the title) to say whether a thread contains information you haven't seen before.

If we wanted to remove redundant information, that would involve removing posts about D600/700/800/3/4 features, shortcomings, strengths, handling, and so on. There'd be no end to what "repetitive info" is removed. After all, that information has been discussed before...many, many times.

Bringing in new information should definitely never be a requirement for a post. And there's always room for continuing discussion on a topic.

Also, I was talking about skipping over topics you don't want to read - not pulling new information across the whole forum. It's very easy to tell whether a thread is about a topic you're interested in just by looking at the title. And if that's not true, then title-writing-skills would be the problem.

BTW, where did the idea come from that his is a venue for free speech? It is not. This forum has restrictions. The rules begin with:

"In posting a message you are agreeing to the rules laid out below."

Religious and political speach has never been welcome here. Sexual content is banned. Personal attacks are banned. Discussing moderator actions is not allowed. This is not a free speech venue.

Bashing is not allowed. Bumping is frowned upon. So, posting the same angry statements over and over—to keep the topic at the top of the forum—could be considered a violation of the rules.

The rules also state:

"The forums are provided as a free service; please don't ruin them for everyone else."

Of course there are restrictions, mostly put in place to keep things on the subject of the forum. Perhaps my previous statements should be made clearer - I'm in support of people saying whatever they want on the forum as long as it's relevant to Nikon FX DSLRs (or whatever that forum's subject is). And D600 dust is undeniably relevant to that topic.

Censorship of on-topic posts IMO goes against the forum's goals. It's a place for discussion - not a "read stuff to feel good" site.

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