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Re: Add QC to the list

Can you be more specific?  I'm yet to see a report of problems with this lens.

Now, I agree that QC is a problem if 20-30% of a product has problem.  Hell, even 10-20% may be too high.

So, what percentage of Sigma 35mm 1.4 lenses do you believe are defective?

I went through 4 Sigma 35mm lenses before I decided to get the 35L.  Each had their own unique focusing issues, I really wanted it to work out but I cannot have a lens that misses focus in artificial lighting or at different distances.  If I was not paid to shoot, I would have kept the Sigma that was almost reliable.  So far, I love the 35L, to me having total confidence in my gear is bliss.   I would rather have a star that performs in the clutch than a superstar that chokes when it really matters.

It is a shame because in ideal light lighting conditions (outdoors at medium distances) the Sigma is spectacular, but this is where I would least use it.

I saw a demo at petapixel showing the Sigma USB software at work and they now have the option of AFMA at different distances.  However, I do not know if it will solve the artificial light problem and one of the Sigmas I bought required different AFMA for corner sensors than center sensor.  From what I can see the software will not solve this issue.

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