Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

EKB wrote:

The D400 needs to be a DX-only version of the D800 rather than a pumped up D7100.

  • D800 body style, build quality and controls. Maybe a bit smaller because it's DX, but still bigger than the D7100
  • Price cut to 2/3rds of the D800's because it doesn't need the expensive FX sensor
  • FPS bumped up to match the D300s. (But pushing FPS up to be better than the D300s isn't as important.)
  • 16MP would be OK (same as the D800 in DX mode), bumping that up by giving it the D7100's 24MP sensor would be a bonus.
  • Add in the post-D800 focus system improvements (e.g. f8 focus points) along with various other "optimized for DX" changes from the D800. 

Going crazy with increasing FPS or ISO or MP isn't so desirable; it's more important that the D400 be a "Pareto improvement" over the D300s, with none of the specs being worse than those of the D300s. A "DX-only D800" would be much closer to this than an "improved D7100."

(As an aside, that's why Thom is wrong to dismiss the "no D700 replacement" complaints. The D600 and D800 are both good cameras, but neither is a Pareto improvement over the D700.)

I agree with this post...  Not sure why you replied to me as I wrote something similar earlier in the thread.

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