16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: Rather significant, actually, although YMMV applies

jim stirling wrote:

Jonas Palm wrote:

The 16MP sensor shows remarkable advantages in dynamic range (almost 2 f-stops !) and roughly 1 f-stop improvement in high-ISO noise. And of course higher resolution.

Pretty damn significant in my book, you would have to go to the very best full frame sensors to get a similar jump from the 16MP sensor.

That is a bit of hyperbole the new Nikon APS models { D5200/D7100} comfortably outperform the best mFT options by the time you get to the best FF the difference is pretty huge {2.8 stops colour depth, 2 stops DR and at least 1.7 stops high ISO{2 if you take into account the flexibility the extra detail gives you in post processing of noise}.

That's a bit of hyperbole Jim. I guess what you actually wanted to say is that the difference compared to the best FF sensor (I guess you are talking about the D800/D800E), is about 1.5 stops color depth, 2 stops DR at base ISO and slightly more than one stop DR at higher ISOs (the DxO high-ISO score is useless), all of which at the same 8 MP normalized resolution for both cameras alike. If you compare the D800 at its original 36 MP resolution with the best MFT sensor at its original 16 MP resolution, the differences are of course smaller than those I listed.

Now, these comparisons are of course valid only if we compare at the same ISO. If, instead, we compare equivalent photos (same DoF) in higher-ISO shooting, then the best MFT sensor is about half a stop ahead for color depth and more than half a stop ahead for DR (again at the same 8 MP normalized resolution).


In fact even the old APS sensor in the 2010 Nikon D7000 outperforms the current best mFT sensors. Even the 2008 D90 gives almost identical scores to the E-M5


Though there is indeed a very good advance in DR/colour depth of the 16mp E-M5 sensor over the 12mp sensor


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