Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: Full text of the interview is here.

Joseph Tainter wrote:

All he says is that it is in research and development. He does not say it will be produced.

We have know this for some time.


Most smaller companies don't have the funds to R&D a product only to scrap it though. The question is how long will it be in R&D. Due to the lack of lenses, I can only imagine that it will be in development for a while yet. There is no way they'll release it without a set of lenses to back it up.

Of course Pentax did scrap their first DSLR which was a FF 6mp camera, so who knows. That decision at the time turned out to be quite a fiasco for them and I'm sure they've learned from that.

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