Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

Joseph Tainter wrote:

Aidan Gibson wrote:

If Pentax does bring out a Full Frame could would the Da Limited work on it or only FA Limiteds?

I would not be surprised if it would have a crop mode for DA lenses.


I would suspect this to be the case. But with pretty much most of the FF lenses out of production, they will have to have a decent set of lenses at launch to go with it since not everyone will want to buy used glass. I would think at a minimum , a uwa, standard, and tele zooms with a F2.8 or F4 Apertures along with a few primes like a wide, normal, and mid tele.... Then have more in the pipeline with a sooner than later release schedule. Because of the time and money it would take to develop and release such lenses, I can only think they will go back to some of their older but great designs and tweak them for digital sensors along with SDM instead of screwdrive focus, rather than design from the ground up. I think it would take less time and resources to evolve an existing design rather than start from scratch.

Of course since they borrowed a Tamron design for a super zoom, they very well could adopt the 17-35, 28-75, and 70-200 Tamron designs, build them better, add SDM and make them WR.

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