Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

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Re: Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

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Lots of non-DSLR cameras can take photos of this quality.

The 3rd photo has terrible WB, IMO.  Perhaps it's my work laptop's screen quality, but I doubt it.

Post some examples.  I tried a sony nex6 with the $1100 zeiss lens and I feel the x100s beats it.

This so called "zeiss" only worth $500, not the price Sony traded it for.

As a former owner of the NEX-7+24/1.8, X100, and now the X100s, I didn't have much to complain about with the Zeiss 24/1.8, and its build is better than any other native mirrorless AF lens out there, especially compared with X-mount lenses.  It is very much a "Zeiss."  My only complaint was the size.

The new Zeiss lenses for X-mount and E-mount are similar in build to the 24/1.8 and likely similar in price.

It's a nice lens, but optically it's not all that. It never seemed clear to me if it was designed to produce nice sharpness, colours or bokeh. It probably says a lot about the Zeiss that I preferred the output from the Sigma 30mm on the NEX-7. In any event, I didn't think it was up to the build quality of the XF lenses and the hood design is crackers.

Oh, I agree that the Sigma 30 is a sharper lens, but it's both longer and slower, being much easier to design.  I would imagine that the Sigma 30 is sharper than the X100s' lens across the frame, too.

The XF lenses are more plasticky in build than the ZA 24/1.8.  I agree about the hood, though, and, for some reason, even the ZA 85/1.4 and 135/1.8 have that silly two piece design that separates.

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