best prime and zoom lens for nx300? good bokeh/sharp pics? family pics / holiday snaps (budget)

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Re: best prime and zoom lens for nx300? good bokeh/sharp pics? family pics / holiday snaps (budget)

wakkaday wrote:

any good value lenses i can get for the above? i dont mind a manual for the prime lens

but any good zoom lenses with af for nx...?


The nx lenses seem to be split into three catagories. compact, zoom and pro.

the compacts are the pancake lenses, 45mm and the 20-50 zoom, the pros are the 85 and 60, the zooms are the 12-24, the 18-55 and 55-200m zooms.

there are gems throughout the range, that sometimes bely samsungs arbitrary labels for them.

a great setup would include the 30mm, as it is as good as the pro lenses but small, the 16mm is good due to its size, so if wa is less critical it takes up no space in a bag and is a good lens. If wa is critically important the uwa zoom is there but larger. the 50-200mm is a really good, light longer zoom and an unsung hero of the range imo.

My little bag consits of the 16, 30 and 50-200, plus the sef20a flash. i am very happy with that setup as a carry around/travel bag. i do intend to buy the 45mm as it is so small that it wont impact my svelte theory, and it also manages to impress with its filter thread being the same as all the pancakes, which actually makes a huge difference, and justifies its place in a compact system, imo.

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