Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

I would reply, but there is too much, so I will sum up.

Mirrorless is popular because for many end uses of many end users the image quality is more than sufficient.  Not all end uses or users (you pointed out a few) but some.  However, the corresponding size and weight advantages can be rather large (sure you still have to carry a bag, but it weighs dramatically less and is much smaller).  Where a photographer is in this spectrum depends entirely on their uses and needs.  What works for you or me should not be presumed to be the case for everybody.

I find the cost complaint about mirrorless gear (or any gear really) to be a strange argument.  IMHO mirrorless gear is generally fairly priced.  Moreover, complaining about price IMHO never makes sense.  I've always wanted a 200-400 VR.  I can't afford one.  Complaining about its price is nonsensical.  People aren't meant to buy everything, and for a new system mirrorless products do not seem to me to be out of whack.

Continuous AF usually sucks, sure.  But single AF can be very good for some products.  Your statement is far too broad.

Ultimately, people need to use what fits their needs.  But I don't think mirrrorless is fueled by GAS or a need for change.  IMHO it fills a nice gap.  Since I've seen a lot of serious DSLR users buying mirrorless products to supplement, or in some cases fully replace, their kit than that appears to be a pretty strong confirmation of the utility of the product lines.

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