Fujifilm XF1 or Nikon P330 ?

Started Apr 25, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Fujifilm XF1 or Nikon P330 ?

Photofreak7 wrote:

I have the XF1 and dare I say it I'd be tempted by the P330 ... if the IQ is similiar to the P7700 then it may be a winner. The XF1 will likely have better dynamic range but the P330 will have better video and many other additional features that you may find useful. That's a tough question you ask and it will depend on your needs as well as the strengths/weaknesses of each camera. Depending on your budget the LX7 also bears consideration and is highly reguarded.

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I'm interested in the p330 as well.

One thing I know from experience...if it does not have a built in nd filter then I'm not interested...the P330 does, the XF1 does not!


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