How do you use your Pentax Q? Would it suit my needs? With the 02 lens, is it comparable to a P&S?

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How do you use your Pentax Q? Would it suit my needs? With the 02 lens, is it comparable to a P&S?

Pretty much all the reviews that slammed this camera complained about the inferior sensor for the high price point; since it has significantly depreciated in value, I am sure it is worth the low $260-something new. However, I'm not quite sure it's what I'm looking for. I would love some insight from owners!

I like its compact form factor, and recognize that its sensor is lacking compared to Micro 4/3rds sensors. Personally, I would like it as an alternative to my DSLR; something to use when travelling light, but better quality/more manual controls than a mid-range point-and-shoot. I'm vacationing for a total of a month and a half this summer, and in one of the countries I would prefer not to carry my DSLR equipment.

1. When do you use your Pentax Q? Do you treat it as a fun gimmicky toy you play with occasionally, or do you carry it with you in lieu of a bulkier DSLR system?

2. How does it stack up to a point-and-shoot of the same price point (~$300)? The Lumix LX7, for example, is a well-received higher-end P&S.. Being basically 2 years old, would some mid-range 2013 point-and-shoot outperform the Q in every manner? Heck, even my Note 2 phone has a pretty amazing camera lol.

3. Any particular quirks or drawbacks I should know about? When skimming through some reviews, it seemed that the shutter and AF were a little slow to respond. I think I read that it can only do like 5FPS for the first second, and any shot thereafter would have a few seconds' delay? Is there anything wrong with the black model, vs. white model (I'm puzzled by the significant price difference)?

4. The 01 lens, by nature of being prime, is clearly the superior lens. however, 02 is infinitely more versatile (and the kit is like $100 cheaper). Does the 02 lens perform any better than some $200 point-and-shoot?

5. I'm just an amateur enthusiast; I don't have any Pentax lenses, but I would love to start a small collection of K-mount lenses to use with the Q (another reason I am drawn to this camera). Are there any decent <$150 lenses you could recommend? Perhaps a suitable alternative to the 01 Q lens?

(if you don't have time to answer all the questions, any feedback on the camera would be much appreciated!)

The only reason I am hesitant to purchase this camera (other than I have no way to test it out before buying it online) is because 1) if it performs on-par with some $150 P&S, I might as well opt for the P&S; and 2) for barely $100 more, I could get a decent micro 4/3rds camera with a kit lens. Thanks again!

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