Welcome to M43, Kodak

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Re: Welcome to M43, Kodak

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Lets hope this new Kodak S1 rumour is true.  Sony sensor.  Could it also have s sensor like the OMD one?  I don't think it can afford to get some brand new one designed for just this camera.   Release in Q3!


This could be a very significant, strategically speaking, development, to have another maker of M43 cameras, after the recent Black Magic cinema camera announcement.  That will make M43 more attractive to independent lens makers and hopefully attract even more support from other hardware and software suppliers.  A universal mount standard is taking shape  

Kodak joined with Olympus to form the FourThirds sensor standard, so maybe saying 'welcome' for an offshoot of same sounds a bit strange?

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