16MP sensor improvements?

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jim stirling
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Re: Rather significant, actually, although YMMV applies

Jonas Palm wrote:

The 16MP sensor shows remarkable advantages in dynamic range (almost 2 f-stops !) and roughly 1 f-stop improvement in high-ISO noise. And of course higher resolution.

Pretty damn significant in my book, you would have to go to the very best full frame sensors to get a similar jump from the 16MP sensor.

That is a bit of hyperbole the new Nikon APS models { D5200/D7100} comfortably outperform the best mFT options by the time you get to the best FF the difference is pretty huge {2.8 stops colour depth, 2 stops DR and at least 1.7 stops high ISO{2 if you take into account the flexibility the extra detail gives you in post processing of noise}.


In fact even the old APS sensor in the 2010 Nikon D7000 outperforms the current best mFT sensors. Even the 2008 D90 gives almost identical scores to the E-M5


Though there is indeed a very good advance in DR/colour depth of the 16mp E-M5 sensor over the 12mp sensor


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