GPS logger and geotagging question

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Re: GPS logger and geotagging question

darkwings wrote:

Therefore I cannot upload the data from the GPS tracking device every day.  Of all the standalone GPS units I've seen, they all seem to expect the data to be uploaded daily.

So I need a GPS logger that can hold 2 weeks worth of data. Or I need one that will allow me to upload the data file from the logger to my Android tablet periodically and later be able to use the uploaded files to tag the photos (which can be done on my Windows 7 PC after I return home).

I'm a little shocked by this.

I have a year and a half worth of track data in my GPS.  All of it is overlaid on the map, which means when I go off trail, I have an instantly recognizable "landmark" to gauge my progress against, it's a couple of miles until I'll join the Esmeralda Basin trail, I can see that easily without zooming in because I've hiked that trail before and there's a big blue line.

Mine is a Magellan Explorist, it's a midrange hiking GPS unit.  Apart from being able to geocode my photos and make my own custom maps, the navigation is very useful, and the barometer history is handy too.

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