How was this lit?

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Re: How was this lit?

Lawrence Keeney wrote:

Fave Photog wrote:

Lawrence Keeney wrote:

I keep looking at this shot and have convinced myself there is so much post processing on the image it is pretty much impossible to tell the lighting used.

I don't believe the sharp shadows you see are real shadows. I would also bet the background shown is not the original background either.

You're over-thinking things.  It's a simple flash held off-camera with the left hand, slightly above lens height, and most likely with a simple modifier such as a snap-on diffuser.

No one is going to go through the trouble and hassle of creating fake shadows on such a basic image, nor are they going to extract such a basic image and drop it onto such a worthless background.

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I have to disagree with you on this. If this is a true Maxim photo, as the text seems to indicate, I would bet someone spent a lot of time post processing this image before it was ever used in a magazine.

I suspect a little of both - a harsh light plus a whole bunch of PP to smooth out the skin. I think that would be easier than painting in some shadows.

If this was shot with a diffuse light then you'd have to get rid of the diffuse shadows and replace them with hard shadows. In other words, I'm guessing it's more likely they smoothed out harsh lighting than the alternative of making diffuse lighting look harsh.
The same background is used in several of the shots so I think it's the original background.

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