Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

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Re: Jolly, you are neither this forums policeman, nor rule-maker.

skeys wrote:

You might notice there is no MOD flag by my name here. In this forum. I am nothing more than a DPR member when posting in this forum. For your enlightenment, though, it is not a moderator's job to educate new members about how to use the DPR forums, other than to advise posting by the Forums Rules, located here: .

Read those Forums Rules, Jolly, and explain exactly which Forums Rule requires members to perform a search, or peruse pages and pages of posts, prior to starting a thread.

First and most important thing what you evidently missed  - I never said this type of behavior is against forum rules. It isn't, obviously.

However - I don't know, maybe you need a written rule for everything - but I was referring to common sense (The Rule of Common Sense if that makes you feel better ).

If you, personally, find the threads in this, or other, forums confusing and messy, well, that's your problem with which you will have to deal. No one here can help solve that problem for you. Plus, there was/is no violation of Forums Rules.

I just showed my disagreement against the logic that is ok to ask for something without trying to do a search first - and that topic in particular was a subject of many recent threads and the answers could be easily found.

So one more time - it is not in the rules but it would be nice, fair and polite to invest a little effort in something you're interested about. Scrolling a page and joining an ongoing thread would be a minimal effort. Capisce ?

If you find the plethora of threads here so egregious, there is a solution for you: The Forum Administrators encourage suggestions be sent to them via a feedback mechanism, located here: . I also encourage you to use the feedback mechanism. Perhaps, with your suggestions, the DPR Forums might one day become the lean, pristine place you seem to desire.

Thanks, but this forum mod's are perfectly capable of pointing out DPR tools, if needed (are you sure you aren't a mod here, because you sure are acting like one)

Back to my original question, which you completely ignored: "… why don't you point out all the threads on page 1 with a title asking which kit lens to choose, the 14-42 or the 12-50." Since you claim to be so helpful, perform your own search(es) to find the search term(s) which will precisely locate those threads with the same title as clee08's title and let us all know what search term(s) gave the proper results.  Also, peruse the pages of "… only a few days old threads …" which answer clee08's question and provide a list of those threads for us.

No, I won't support laziness in this case. Maybe I would if I haven't seen so many similar threads less that a week ago. I intentionally harshly suggested the way for the OP how to find the answers, which is a ton more than you, as a moral vertical, did for him.
You can again write a book in reply but I still think the same and I'm done with explaining the obvious.

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