Selling Photos...what to do...professional website or something like photoshelter?

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Re: Selling Photos...what to do...professional website or something like photoshelter?

shutterman wrote:

Those of you that have made the leap and are selling your photos, could you possibly help me out? I am not looking to get rich or anything but I would like to tray and make enough money to at least support my hobby and my equipment. I shoot mainly landscapes but am looking to get into other avenues as well. Anyways so far I have looked into some websites that have emarketing tools and whatnot on them but am not sure if this is the way to go vs. your own site. What do you guys suggest?

Also, do any of you sell any stock photos? if so, how do you go about getting into that? Will they take care of all of the copyrighting stuff for you or do you have to do that on your own? Sorry, I have lots of ?'s regarding this stuff hahaha.

I do sell stock photos, albeit not a lot as I don't dedicate a lot of time to stock. I'm not sure if I can list the name of the site, so I won't, but it is quite easy to register and upload photo's too. As for copyright, you still own the rights. All a stock photo house does is sell a one time, or multi use license, depending on how you indicate to the stock site how you want your pics licensed. I also sell privately but currently via word of mouth or craft fairs at the moment. I don't have a large portfolio yet as I recently decided that I want to go the pro route. I am currently looking for a hosting company for a website and then will promote my images in a more dedicated fashion. I also have a FB page for my photography business as well. I mainly shoot wildlife pics and will do the occasional 'family portrait' type pictures, but I'm much better with animals then people!

Check out your local bookstore as well and purchase the 2013 Photographers Market book as it lists most agencies, book sellers, magazines, etc that purchase photos from freelancers.

Best of luck!

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