16MP sensor improvements?

Started Apr 24, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: The real world.....

Ulric wrote:

That's odd, the f/2 picture isn't visible, but when I try to edit my post it's there. Oh well, there isn't any relevant diffraction there anyway.

The pictures are taken with an E-M5, which has the same sensor as the E-PM2. I think all pictures are usable, although the last one has obvious softness from diffraction.

I agree the F/16 is noticeably, but not unusably softer. And I agree at F/16 diffraction is playing some role.

What I'm not clear on, is lens performance (resolution) at F/16. Most M/43 lenses seem designed to deliver their top resolution at F/4 - F/5.6

So why is the F/16 (slight) softness attributed to diffraction rather than the lens performance? Ultimately it may be a moot point, the effect is there whether it's the lens or diffraction.


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