Would you buy a 50mm equivilent x100

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Re: Would you buy a 50mm equivilent x100

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This would be a lovely camera wouldn't it?

Yes.  its called XPro1 with a 35mm Fuji lens.   it boggles my mind why people keep asking for a garland of noninterchangeable lens cameras.  2 years down the road when you want to update the sensor, why throw away a perfectly good optic?

Its significantly bigger then the x100....I have the XE-1 with the 35mm and i would still take a X100 with a 32mmF2 any day. I would take it any day

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No, its not after you put on the adapter and hood (which you really should), and XE1 is almost the same size.  And the size penalty is (IMO) well worth the savings down the road from upgrading only the body and keeping the investment in quality glass. I have the X100 and Pro1/35, even though I like the 35mm equiv FOV better, the X100 is up for sale.

None of Fuji X cams are truly pocketable anyway, for a truly pocketable you need to go to RicohGR or something like that.

Not at all. Many of us use alternative hood solutions, like the Pentax MH-RC, to keep the camera compact. Besides, if we're talking hoods, then we'd also need to compare with the 35mm 1.4's hood attached.

The X100/s may not be pants pocketable, but it is much more pocketable in jackets, bags, etc. than either the X-E1 or XP1 with the 35/1.4 attached.

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