sold my tokina 16-28, got the new nikon 18-35

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Re: sold my tokina 16-28, got the new nikon 18-35

i think most of what people perceive as corner softness is really DOF and field curvature issues.  When trying to get maximum DOF, you should really be focusing at or near the hyperfocal distance of the lens at your particular focal length and aperture, regardless of where the subject is.  a less precise rule of thumb is 1/3 of the into the image.  DOF is not evenly distributed, there is much less in front of the subject than there is behind.  At 18mm and f8, the hyperfocal distance on FF is at ~ 5ft.  some of the shots i see the person focuses at a tree 50 feet away but is expecting the ground at their feet to be perfectly sharp in the corners as well, when n that scenario they should be focusing closer, and the distant objects will fall into the DOF behind the focus point.  If i focus properly for max DOF, i get sharp results at 18mm even in the far corners with this lens

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